Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Taste Buds Said NO

I have unfortunate news to report. Over the summer I had my first bread pudding adventure that did not have a happy ending.

This should have been expected. Bread pudding is complex and I put it on a pedestal above all other desserts. And, secretly, unbeknownst to the chef, I am putting a lot of pressure on him/her. This will be the lasting impression I have of the restaurant.

The bread pudding I ate was at a restaurant called Tilli's located in Chicago. What made the bread pudding not so great was that it was not warm. The sauce was bland and the taste was just blah. I did not even finish it........and this is not like me. The only part on my power system that the was done correctly was the consistency. My spoon flowed nicely through the dessert.

My recommendations when making bread pudding is to ensure it is warm, and the sauce has either bourbon, dark rum, or vanilla as a base, and (most important) it is served with a smile.

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  1. You didn't give it a rating...

    I'm taking your blog very seriously now that I've found it.